Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ziani Tudung - Laman Utama


At the moment we are able to provide an online service, but we will try to cater your needs by providing faster delivery services via Express Link or Pos Laju once payment is received.

Below are the details for bookings and mode of payment:

1. Quote code for all the tudungs you desire and email at or 0362513012(Kak Ani)/0192246627(Zi) for Kak Ani confirmation on the availability. Please include your name, handphone no. and address for delivery purposes.

2. KakAni will notify you on the availability via email or phone call and confirm the total value of the tudung. The cost will include delivery charges of foc.

3. Payment is payable to

MAYBANK Account : 114141234962 ( Rusni binti Yahya )

4. Once confirmed and paid (slip payment thru email), we will deliver your tudung via Express Link within 7 days.


Anonymous said...

sungguh menawan dan cantik untuk muslimah.

Anonymous said...

Tutuplah aurat - perentah Ilahi agar mereka tergolong dalam muslimah yang sholeh!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

tahniah kepada usahawan Melayu ini..
memeriahkankan keindahan budaya Islam yang sopan tetapi anggun dan moden..
Tahniah sekali lagi..

buaya said...

salam ziarah..
dijemput menjadi follower sy yer..